On Tuesday the 1st of September will be the official launchfundingtheglobalgoals.tv.

This exciting vision is to create a multi format media platform - to help move money to better serve the world.


The objective is to ensure the much faster and more intelligent funding of the SDGs (or Global Goals) at scale and speed worldwide, and to stop funding flowing to things that are damaging and destructive to so many. 

We aim to highlight funding gaps, bottlenecks and examine many of the absurdities of our current financial system - and call to account those behind them. Though direct and honest we also  aim to be constrictive and fair. 

At the same time, we will showcase many of the financial system innovators with remarkable opportunities the world needs and is looking for, but often which practically are so hard to find or understand. 

Radically different to mainstream financial TV or media, the vision is all about supporting, informing and connecting those who are creating change we need - and on occasions, entertaining them too. 

Countdown to the official launch. 

Do be sure to sign up to receive updates, or learn more about our broader vision to create a Sustainable Innovation and Development Bank, check out the social media pages and links for Transform Global on the banner at the top of the page. 

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