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As an integral part of  the vision and plan to create a fit for purpose 'Sustainable Innovation and Development Bank' called Transform Global, as an equally exciting plan to create a multi-format media platform - to help move money to better serve people and planet the world over.

The objective is to ensure the much faster and more intelligent funding of the SDGs (or Global Goals) at Scale and Speed worldwide - and to stop funding flowing to things that are damaging and destructive to so many. 

We aim to highlight funding gaps, bottlenecks and examine many of the absurdities of our current financial system - and in as constructive way as possible we aim to call to account those who are part of the problem - while shining a spotlight and supporting those who are determined to be part of the solution.  Though direct and honest we also aim to be positive and fair. At the same time, we will showcase many of the financial system innovators with remarkable opportunities the world needs and is looking for, but often which practically are so hard to find or understand. 

Radically different to mainstream financial TV or media - and now including the remarkable Clubhouse (with the Club and the regular 'System Innovation in Finance to Fund the Global Goals rooms) - the vision is all about supporting, informing and connecting those who are creating change we need - and on occasions, entertaining them too. 

The sides and business are all in development and we are currently working to raise the £30m equity round to enable the full vision for Transform Global (including to optimally launch.  To learn more, please take a look at the slide deck for below, watch the videos below that spell out the vision and details of how it can work, or visit the and websites to get the full picture.  Equally, you can fill in the form here to request the extended summary - to get into the detail of what this opportunity is all about. 

Finally, if you might like to know more or learn how you can become involved, do please fill in the contact form you can find at the bottom of this page.


Many thanks

Steve Podmore 

A slide deck detailing the vision for

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An overview of the entire vision for Transform Global

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