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Apply to be a guest writer and contributor?

We're looking for contributors! is a bold idea, but its got to start somewhere. We believe that the best content out there is that which comes from people with domain understanding and expertise, passion and the ability to see things differently.


Of course any content has to be well edited, produced and marketed too, but the presentation should be to enhance the substance, not the other way around.

Often it is those beavering away to change or recreate parts of our financial system, or the system as a whole, and those who have struggled but persisted, who understand what change needs to occur. The change that is desired is change with the purpose of better serving people and planet locally and globally. These Big Impact Game-changers working to create change will have amassed a great deal of hard won experience as to why innovation and change can be most difficult - but they might also have ideas, plans and proposals of how to overcome such challenges. We are not saying that those who are industry insiders never come up with the ideas that change an industry or sector on their own - but it's rare.

Those who create change and those who comment, critique and write about it (or its absence) are those not afraid of asking the tough or falsely perceived to be dumb questions. They will be insiders, outsiders and collaborators in many related areas. Academia or technology for instance. Frequently the things others refused to see turn out to be super smart, prescient and highly relevant. It is just this kind of innovation and the content to showcase it, educate people on it, and promote it appropriately that the world needs. We need it in abundance.  

We want to give financial innovators a voice. Those aiming to analyse and explain the parts of our financial system that are not working - and especially those in all areas of impact investment and related responsible and ESG investment - and those who are working to deliver the system innovation the world needs most. 

So if you've got content skills, content ideas or would like to suggest links to content, events, people and projects which are amazing and which need to be covered - get in touch below. 


Let us know ideas for content or guests? 
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