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The STAND we take!

What we believe, believe in and stand for! 

  • Capitalism. Or at least a better form of capitalism than is commonly practiced today. 

  • There is a massive need for good business, innovation and intelligent enterprise to tackle the most important issues of modern times. 

  • The profit with purpose motive can ensure innovation and business success is both incentivised and well governed. 

  • Employees should benefit from ownership or options, though performance and longevity should be both taken into account. 

  • Culture beats strategy, but a nucleus of the right people that are well funded with a great strategy, can ensure culture is positive,  dynamic and the strategy optimised to create ongoing success.

  • A great culture with insufficient funding will still fail - long before the strategy is perfected.  

  • Financial capital is massively misallocated the world over. We are funding a lot of what is socially and environmentally useless, and failing to fund what could be massively useful.

  • The venture capital structure and culture is not fit for purpose, or sufficiently widely spread, to fill funding gaps and widen bottlenecks to tackle the worlds most important issues.

  • Banks are not suited to provide risk capital either. 

  • Donor, grant and philanthropic funding can play an important role - but funding sources are random and exist in disconnected silos. 

  • Often, when government grants are available, the conditions, match funding requirements and application processes challenges - make the funding highly inaccessible and even inappropriate for those that need it the most. 

  • Such grants and donor or philanthropic funding should be higher risk equity, where if allocated to profit with purpose ventures that succeed, then if management and other later stage investors reap financial rewards, the initial social funders should harvest appropriate rewards too (to enable impact maximisation. 

  • Institutional investors want and need suitable ‘product’ and ‘capacity building’ but existing fund structures (such as Venture capital) are unsuited to provide it. 

  • New fund structures and platforms need scale and time to work, and they are frequently underfunded and too short term to ensure that they do. This is the fault of both investors and fund and platforms Principals. 

  • Innovating to deliver ‘Intelligent access to capital’, ‘democratising capital’, doing ‘capacity building’ and working out how to better ‘provide risk capital for purpose driven business and entrepreneurship - at the earliest of stages’ can be the highest impact actions in business and finance today. 

  • To get an amazing team, capital is required - but to get the capital, you need an amazing team. 

  • For a team to be amazing, it must cover all the basis, have balance and be able to work together for several months. 

  • Names on a screen 

  • What we stand against! 

But to unlock finance
at the massive scale required 
we've got to join the dots,
and connect silos. 


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