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Clubhouse Rooms Podcast

Welcome to 


Our aim is to create a media platform dedicated to everything financial and systemic
to do with filling the multi-trillion funding gap which is needed to tackle the SDGs. 

First, let's use our minds! 

Imagine shaking things up a bit. Where video blogs, podcasts, interviews, events, news, education, editorial and documentaries - can all play a role in moving money to where it will be more productive for the world. That's the plan...

Now think about a platform which does not just rant and complain from the sidelines - but one that gets active and is actively in the arena. Where those in power in finance, business, policy and government are rightly questioned - but where the questions are fair and with collaborative and positive intent.


One where absurdities and perverse incentives can be properly called out - and calls for ideas and proposals to intelligently address systemic challenges will be ongoing and well received. A place where yes, the failings in our economic systems can be discussed honestly, and where initiatives to create the change we need can be found, examined, promoted and supported. Exciting isn't it!

Keep imagining. Think of uncovering, discussing and celebrating those creating the funding and economic solutions to meaningfully tackle the global goals. Not only those who are already insiders and viewed as credible. While of course, any and all innovators who can move the needle on the big issues of modern times will be featured, we are most interested in finding the wild ones, the innovators and those who think different.

Finding and supporting the truly important innovators.

You may, like us, recognise that true innovation can be messy. The most important innovators and their ideas can appear crazy at first and they typically get universally rejected. That is until they find a way to achieve breakthroughs which reverse that position. We want to make it easier to find and support them. It is far too important not to. 


Big innovators persist - and we want to find them, scrutinise them objectively for sure - and help them achieve the breakthroughs they and we all want and need.  We don't care what they look like, what's on their CV, or how perfectly they present. We think it is as important to find great thinkers and innovators, precisely when they and their ideas and proposals still need some work and polish to make them and their potential shine.

With the right audience and amazing content - will connect these Big Impact Game-changers to collaborators who can help. By following a story as it becomes more credible and succinct, time short investors and interested parties can find the remarkable solutions and innovators they are searching for. Moreover, it means those same innovators get the exposure necessary to find the right support, connections and finance they need to succeed. 

You can be part of something amazing too. 

As a viewer, reader, contributor, guest or presenter, you can play a part in ensuring we scale up and speed up how the SDGs are addressed globally. The only agenda is creating a better world and engaging with all those needed to do so. Intelligent incentives for intelligent economies and a healthy planet are what we are determined to help bring about.    


While some of the issues at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals are clearly political, wherever possible this platform will find common ground and put politics off to the side.


While taking a clear stand (learn about what we stand for and against), we will do our best to ensure science and objective analysis comes first.

What we are looking for.

Better methods of getting finance to flow to the right places (in the real economy) and to stop it flowing to where it is most harmful. New fund structures, platforms, policy ideas, governance models and technologies will be sought out, discussed, supported and followed. The focus will be connecting silos and removing non sensical barriers to the innovation that the world is crying out for.  

Our target audience.

This is not a format for everyone. Yet it is for everyone in, related to, or aspiring to work in finance who really cares about creating a better world. The categories we intend to cover show how there will be something for everyone who is determined to see capital allocated more effectively to create the world we all want and need.  

First steps of a BIG, BOLD plan.

A number of exciting content formats have been devised and amazing guest presenters, co-hosts and subjects are being lined up. The plan is designed to scale - and is part of the Transform Global broader vision to create a fit for purpose Sustainable Innovation and Development Bank. It’s super exciting, extremely meaningful and very timely.

Thanks and next steps.

Thanks for reading. If you want to know more, I invite you to watch, read, listen, contribute to guest or content ideas, and do get in touch to let us know what you think. Be sure to subscribe to join me on this fun and important journey. 


Steve Podmore., London, 
December 2020. 

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