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Frequently Asked Questions (or click here to ask a question that's not covered)

  • What is the story behind
    In late 2019 and early 2020 the concept for started to come together. It was clear to me that despite the very many actors wanting to address the SDGs - and with many forms of finance actually doing so - there were too many silos, gaps, barriers and bottlenecks that meant finance, and especially the risk capital needed for high volumes of ventures and projects at their earliest of stages - or indeed the follow on investment they also needed - or investment for infrastucture - was just not flowing at anywhere need the scale required to address this critically important issues as quickly as I believed was possible. The same challenges were occuring with grant funding, philanthropy, impact investment, and many other forms of finance. Importantly, the level of collaboration and joined up thinking required for the system innovation to help tackle the SDGs - just was not happening, certainly not from what I was seeing - and it drove me crazy. I personally had both experienced and witnessed these silios, gaps, barriers and bottlenecks for many years - and most were entirely non sensical. More of the backstory of my journey will be covered in the coming weeks and months - though at the turn of 2019, my frustration started to boil over.. I realised that for my vision for Transform Global to come to frution I needed to build an audience, though I realised it was not sufficent to tell my own story and showcase the innovation I was working on. Yes, I believed the world needed to know about - but it was clear to me that many others were in the same boat. Many amazing and incredible financial and related system innovations were not adequately seeing the light of day, being fairly scruitinised and getting a decent shot at securing the risk capital and support they needed - so they could go on and deliver risk capital solutions or related innovations at scale for others.. The kind of content conventional media channels and the many Youtube channels were outputting was focussed on mainstream big business and fast finance, traded finance or on the worlds of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Economics was talked about, but often from an ivory tower or extremely detached perspective. None were digging deep into alternative ways of funding agrilculture, medicine, culture or climate change activity - or the many other issues at the heart of the Global Goals. Especially, there seemed to be no outlet that was showing how these forms of finance could innovate in how they connected and how they intersected with the worlds of public policy, academia, civil society and NGO's. What coverage there was, was highly fragmented. Fast forward to the end of 2020, and after recovering from Covid - I managed to raise enough funding to launch the site and create the pilot content - suffient to take the vision to the next stages.. Launch in November 2020 is much later than I had hoped - but the concept is now rounded and the vision is clear, Content is being created - and the plans for the future, for a site and venture that can connect silos and showcase and support much needed innovation - is fast evolving.. Learn more about the site and vision for on the site, or visit to learn more about the vision for our Sustainable Innovation and Development Bank.
  • What is the content plan?
    Content for FundingTheGlobalGoals.TV will come from three primary areas:- 1/ We will be producing in house, initially by the founder and with the support of guest writers, video creators and guests. 2/ We will be pointing to other content and events, potentially with comentary or as part of our news section and programming. 3/ As the business grows and we raise the finance we require, we will commence a significicant content commissioning program, along with adding content creators, writers, journalists and a pre and post production teams - to be joined by social media contributors and a rangers of marketers to build out the audience.
  • Why cover all of the 17 Global Goals and all forms of finance?
    Simple. The goal is to connect silos and to drive finance to better serve people and planet gloablly. Clearly, this is a big task and while it is impossible to do this all at once, it would be naive to think we can pick only water, or impact investment as examples - and hope to connect silos and achieve our lofty goals. While clearly there are many specific issues related to all the global goals and also all forms of finance (and many are covered and explained by specific sites and medias), we do not see any conventional or new media platform joining the dots and gluing things together. This is the part we wish to play. Showcasing innovation, understanding and driving efficiency in the overlaps, and help drive and enable active collaboration. This is critical to enabling finance to flow in order to deliver maximum impact.
  • Are you raising capital
    Yes we are. Into the top company (Transform Global) we are raising £2.5m of equity to be followed soon after by a further £12.5m. The plan is then to raise multiple additional stages so this Sustainable Innovation and Development Bank - incoporating FundingTheGlobalGoals - can be of sufficent scale, structure and capitalisation to be fit for purpose and for scale.
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